Sermon on the Mount study group

Do come along to a new group at the Vicarage (60 Elmwood Road W4 3DZ) which runs on Wednesdays every two weeks. 8.00-9.30pm.

We are studying the Sermon on the Mount, which is the nearest thing to a manifesto that Jesus ever uttered - for it is His own description of what He wanted His followers to be and do.

Those who first heard the Sermon on the Mount were astonished. And we also find ourselves astonished when we read it today.

The study we are using was written by theologian, John Stott. And throigh it we'll be looking at the strange topsy turvy 'Kingdom' Jesus refers to in his sermon and trying how to work out what that means for us today.

I look forward to seeing and enjoying a journey with you this year to learn and discover more about God through the amazing person of Jesus.