Midweek services
We have Morning Prayer 9.00-9.30am on Mondays- Fridays. Download the Daily Prayer App on your phone and join us here.

Bible Reading Group
We have Bible Reading Group 10.00-11.30am on Tuesdays. Find a Bible to read from (you can use the Bible+ NRSV App on your phone) and join us here.

Martine's Church at Home Group
You are invited to join this small group 6.00-7.00pm on Wednesdays. We are studying scripture and seeking to discern where God is in what's going on in our world today. You can join here.

Worship with Hansol
Unwind in a time of prayer and worship, listening to Hansol sing four worship songs on Thursdays 6.00-6.30pm. You can join here.