Role of Deanery Synod representative

• To represent the PCC at the Hounslow Deanery Synod – attending meetings and contributing to discussions and reporting back to the PCC

• There are three Deanery meetings per annum – usually in February, June and November – which are held at various different churches in the Hounslow area and take place 7.30-9.30pm

• The Deanery Synod representative has an ex officio position on the PCC and is welcome to attend PCC meetings, particularly those immediately following or prior to Deanery Synod meetings

• At Deanery Synod meetings there are talks and/or facilitated conversations about matters of interest to all churches in the area eg how we engage with children; how we minister to the housebound; how we keep up with changes in technology

• The Deanery Synod meetings are also social events and it is rewarding to meet with members of other churches and exchange ideas and experiences It is a wonderful opportunity at Deanery Synod to pray for the needs of all our churches in Hounslow and to