Sunday Service and Coffee & Catch Up
Every week we put together a thirty minute service on YouTube. The service includes a short reflection on scripture; an anthem or hymn by our virtual Choir; a song by our Worship band; interviews; and videos and photos that have been sent in from members of the congregation.

The service goes live at 10am on Sunday mornings and you can watch it then with others and say hello on the Livechat. The Livechat opens from 9.30am - so arrive early and take the opportunity to introduce yourself or catch up with people you know.

Or, if 10am on Sundays doesn't work, you can watch the service anytime later.

**You can find the latest service here **

If you enjoy the service, please get in touch to say hello to the Vicar and join us on Sundays for Coffee and Catch up on Zoom from 10.30am here. And please share a link to the service on Facebook or with a friend.

If you want to get involved in local community work then again please contact the Vicar.

If you want to be notified of our future services then please subscribe by clicking the SUBSCRIBE box under the video on YouTube.

Please also keep in touch by liking our Facebook page here and then you'll find out more about what's going on in our church and community and get to know us.

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