The Team

Vicar - Revd Martine Oborne

Martine has been Vicar since 2012. She was previously a minister at St Mary Islington. She is married to Peter Oborne, a political commentator, author and documentary filmmaker. You can read the VICAR'S BLOG here.

Associate Priest - Revd Gary Piper

Gary has been a minister at St Saviour's Upper Chelsea where he helped to lead the Intermission Theatre project. Previously he was Vicar of St Matthew's Fulham for over twenty years. He is married to Norma.

Mission and Ministry Assistant - Becky Blackwell
Becky is a Worship, Music and Theology graduate from the London School of Theology. Becky and her husband Dan have been working for the church since 2016.

Churchwarden and Deputy Churchwarden

Sue White is our Churchwarden and Linda Woods is Deputy Churchwarden.

PCC members

St Michael's PCC comprises: Anne Glyn, Becky Blackwell, Caroline Simonds, Dan Blackwell, Emma Prunier, Florence Olimba, Helen Silvester, Jordan Hiebert, Karen Doe, Lesley Pendlebury, Linda Woods, Peter Wickstead and Steve Turner.