Anne Duffin (RIP)

Anne Duffin has been a much loved member of our Church community for many years and died peacefully on Wednesday 2 January after a short illness.

Anne was a wise, generous and cheerful person - always positive, even when life was challenging. She lived life to the full and independently and had many close friends. She loved her family and it will have been a comfort that she was cared for in her last days by her loving nieces and nephew.


The picture here shows Anne, only a few weeks ago, making Christmas decorations at our Advent workshop with some of the children. She was always young at heart and enjoyed encouraging others.

She was much loved here at St Michael's. And one of her friends, Lesley Pendlebury, wrote this lovely poem after a recent Sunday morning church service when she had missed Anne.

Remembering Anne
by Lesley Pendlebury

    The church was empty today. 
    I missed our concern that 
    None of us had sat 
    In your usual seat. 
    I missed your sticks which always fell 
    At just the wrong moment. 
    I missed that little pause 
    Whilst we waited 
    For you to rise and join 
    The Communion queue. 

    I shall miss you on Tuesday 
    When we meet to 
    Read the Bible. 
    No one else will ask me 
    For a coffee, black, no sugar. 
    No one else will give a 
    Merry peal of laughter 
    Quite like yours. 
    Whatever was absurd or 
    Inconsistent was 
    A joy to you. 

    I will miss you on those days 
    When we, at your request, 
    “Say It to God”, 
    And, when I say that I 
    Am struggling, I will miss 
    Your quick and comforting response. 
    You always knew the prayer 
    To point me to. 

    I only knew you for a little while 
    Drawn as I was to sit close to you 
    In our church. 
    Betty and Anna graced those 
    Pews as well 
    I feel – for them - the loss of their 
    Dear friend. 
    So briefly did I know you that I 
    Am scarcely entitled to 
    Mourn for you. 

    And yet I miss you, for your courage 
    And your wisdom 
    Your cheerfulness, 
    Your gaiety and gallantry 
    You showed me much to which 
    I can aspire. 
    I give thanks for your presence 
    In my life 
    For this short while; 

    And I can understand so well 
    Why God desired 
    Your company.

Anne had a distinuished career working for NATO and later for the publishers Curtis, Brown.

Anne was a faithful and committed Christian and was an inspiration and source of guidance for us all. She will be greatly missed. Nonetheless, we know that Christ has prepared a place for her in His father's house and she is now there and at peace with Him.

Anne, may light perpetual shine upon you and may you rise with the saints in glory.

Anne's funeral will be at St Michael's Church - at 11am on Thursday 31 January 2019.